Don't miss out on the Holiday Season sales because of business bottlenecks

FullStac LLC – Harrisburg PA, September 18, 2019 by Stephon Guyton - In just a few short weeks millions of shoppers will begin flooding online retailers for the latest and greatest in electronic gadgets, to home supplies in time for the holiday shopping season. Giant retailers have been gearing up to offer tons of deals in order to win over millions of customers. With high expectations for this shopping season, online sellers should be gearing up to not only boost their sales but also to get the product into consumers' hands quickly.

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With consumer demand for quick and easy shopping online rising. The expectations for eCommerce business owners to be efficient this holiday season will be higher than ever. Over the past few years, the retail market has seen more and more traditional brick-n-mortar retailers fading away while consumer expectations on online shoppers for next day shipping has steadily increased.

Now with this significant shift in shopping habits, successful business owners have had to adapt their eCommerce strategies in order to meet demand. One of the most sought-after solutions for this change has been to adopt an easy yet effective online sales management software that will allow for greater reach (marketplaces) while still offering efficient shipping options. In 2018 eCommerce sales represented 14.3% of retail sales which was up 12.7% from 2017 according to Internet Retailer, U.S. Commerce Department.

As listed in an NPR/Marist Poll from 2018, 39% of online shoppers say that speed is the largest factor when deciding to shop online. Therefore, having an efficient process from listing to shipping is going to be crucial for any online retailer selling this season. Finding the right software to help expedite the process from making sure that products are listed on the best sales channels (Amazon, eBay, etc.) to balancing inventory, all the way to actually creating the shipping label and tracking information for a customer is going to be crucial. As holiday shopping season preparations for larger retailers have been underway for months, small to medium size business owners are now starting to ramp up inventory as well. Therefore, having an effective software that can help track new products, provide great customer service and save on costly mistakes during the sales process, could be the difference between selling a few thousand dollars in sales this season versus a few million.

Online sales management software like Dashboard OSM can help eCommerce business owners stay ahead of the curve this holiday season by offering comprehensive inventory management, easy-to-manage multi-channel sales, award-winning customer service, and cost-saving shipping. It’s never too late to research a great online sales management tool like Dashboard and save yourself hours of frustration and possibly costing your business thousands in sales revenue.

So contact us at Dashboard OSM for a free live demo and let us get your business ready for a busy holiday shopping season.

About the author: Stephon Guyton is the Sales Director of FullStac LLC, the parent company of Dashboard OSM.