Free Next Day Delivery: Another Nail in the coffin of Traditional Retail Stores?

michael kulczyckyjFullStac LLC – Harrisburg PA, May 30, 2019 by Stephon Guyton - For the past decade analyst and experts have been predicting the shift in consumer buying habits away from the traditional brick and mortar stores towards a booming online sales sector. The signs that these predictions were accurate could be seen all throughout the retail market with large box stores closing their doors as consumer opted for the new and exciting world of eCommerce.

But with the recent announcement of ‘Free Next Day Delivery’ from of two of the largest online sellers both Amazon and Walmart many are wondering if this was just another nail in the coffin of Traditional Retail. Now, no one is predicting that consumers will shift 100% of their buying habits towards the online space but with online retailers becoming more assertive in their steps towards making the online shopping experience even more seamless one has to wonder what’s next!

Back in April when Amazon made its announcement about ‘Free Next Day Shipping’ becoming the standard for its prime members many were wondering how other eCommerce giants would respond, well it seems as though Walmart was listening as it swiftly responded with its own next day delivery option. With both of these sites being very attractive for the online sellers, being able to stream-line your online sales process will become even more important. Thus, shining the light on effective online sales management software like Dashboard OSM.

The eCommerce space is changing and consumer expectations are increasing by the day and for online sellers operating in multiple channels being able to effectively manage their sales and ship their product to customers will be even more important. Companies will have to be able to sale more and deliver faster. With effective online sales management software like Dashboard OSM companies will be able to manage an increase in their sales while also shipping out product even quicker. Long gone are days of using excel or other formats to manage and ship out your sales. Multi-Channel online sales software such as Dashboard OSM is becoming a must need to grow a successful online sales business.

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About the author: Stephon Guyton is the Sales Director of FullStac LLC, the parent company of Dashboard OSM.