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Pricing Structure


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Dashoard OSM is available in three tier packages. Each package is designed with the size of your business. Additional options are available for expansion, and upgrades / downgrades are fast and easy. Pricing listed below is based on a monthly charge. If you are interested in a custom package solution, please contact one of our helpful sales team members by using the Contact Us above.

Dashboard OSM is a complete business solution and therefore complex to setup. Each setup is unique to each business. Therefore, we charge a small onbording fee of $199. This fee includes 1-on-1 custom onboarding & step-by-step personal training to ensure you take advantage of all that Dashboard OSM has to offer.



  • 1 seller account for each of our supported marketplaces
  • 1 shipping account
  • 5 user login's
  • Onboarding Fee, $199



  • 3 seller account for each of our supported marketplaces
  • 2 shipping account
  • 10 user login's
  • Onboarding Fee, $99



  • 5 seller account for each of our supported marketplaces
  • 3 shipping account
  • 15 user login's
  • Onboarding Fee, FREE

Custom to You

Call for Details

  • Let us build a package just for you!
  • We taylor the number of accounts, shippers and login's you need
  • No business is too small for a custom build

Need features taylored to your company? No problem! Dashboard OSM can be customized to your business needs to add, remove or increase features and settings. Contact our sales team for additional information and pricing.

Before you buy...

Please be sure to check out our explore page to ensure what features are included in each package listed above.