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Dashboard: Cloud-Based Online Sales Management Software

michael kulczyckyjMeaghan Brophy, Independent Retailer – July, 2016 - Dashboard OSM is an innovative cloud-based software solution created specifically for small to medium sized online retailers. Founders Howard Hirsch and Michael Kulczyckyj started their business as online retailers selling on Amazon, EBay, and their own website. As their company grew, they realized there were no software programs on the market specified to meet all the needs of an independent online retailer.

“They are all extremely expensive, hard to use, or take a percentage of your sales,” explains Kulczyckyj. “We wanted a different program. I have a background in computer science, so I just went for it.”
Their program seamlessly integrates with Amazon, EBay, your personal retail website, QuickBooks, and almost every shipping provider to manage all aspects of your business from one platform. The software also includes a customer relationship management module to help address customer service concerns, and employee management features to track hours, vacation time, and productivity. The software keeps all of your orders in one place to streamline the packing and shipping process. Dashboard increases productivity by preventing human error, decreases the time and effort it takes to track inventory across each online store, and automatically calculates the optimal shipping option for each order. The software is also compatible with Amazon fulfillment. Additionally, Dashboard OSM can create custom reports and incorporate client feedback into their software.

The efficiencies of Dashboard OSM allow most retailers to cut back on staffing requirements. “The people who use this software cut down on labor by 80%,” says Kulczyckyj. “One of our clients who ships hundreds of items per day used to have a staff of six full-time people working on orders from listing to shipping. Now with this software he can run his business with two part time employees. They have saved the pay of four or five people, which is at least $100,000 per year.”

In addition to saving labor costs, Dashboard saves time for the business owner “allowing you to focus on what’s important – growing your business and finding products,” says Kulczyckyj. “From our experience, once you try the software you can’t live without it. You never have to leave the site to do anything.”
Dashboard OSM is offering a sixty-day free trial for qualified customers. After the trial, Dashboard is one flat monthly rate. So, unlike software packages that charge a percentage of your sales, Dashboard allows your business to grow without charging additional fees.

For more information, visit www.dashboardosm.com.

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